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The Studio

At Studio No. 33, we craft spaces that blend creativity, functionality and above all, our clients’ visions. Our talented design team works with artisans and architects to bring our clients’ dreams to life. What sets us apart is our belief in open communication and collaborative exploration. Our clients become an integral part of the design process, providing valuable insights that guide our creative direction. We transform their ideas into living realities, creating interiors that evoke a sense of personality with elevated experiences. Every project is a unique journey, where we shape interiors that resonate with our clients’ unique lifestyles and tastes. 

Our portfolio spans a wide spectrum, from highly customized residential homes for young families to luxurious vacation properties across North America. Each space exemplifies our dedication to capturing the essence of our clients’ distinct needs and individual aesthetic preferences.  


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Chloe Goldberg

Studio No. 33 was founded by Toronto designer Chloe Goldberg, whose vision was to create a collaborative studio specializing in timeless and personalized interiors. The Studio’s approach to design is rooted in open communication and a genuine desire to co-create. We believe that the best results emerge when clients actively participate in the design process to create spaces that are true reflections of the clients’ themselves. 

Chloe is an accomplished designer with a solid foundation in art history and over a decade of hands-on interior design experience. Her journey has been guided by a profound understanding of design principles, artistic movements, and the intricate relationship between culture and aesthetics.
Chloe’s design philosophy revolves around the principle of ‘quiet luxury,’ where every element is thoughtfully curated to evoke a sense of timeless tranquility and elegance. She draws inspiration from global aesthetics, blending classic influences with contemporary sensibilities, creating interiors that are both harmonious and fresh. Clean lines, neutral palettes, and carefully chosen accents define her style, resulting in spaces that are sophisticated yet inviting.


Our artistic vision, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of our clients' needs allows us to create living spaces that epitomize quiet luxury and comfort.

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